Barbecued king prawns (using wooden skewers) on a disposable barbecue

About the disposable barbecue / disposable grill

A disposable grill is a specific barbecue grill type which is used in a single application, with the grill being recycled or disposed of after use.

To start the grill, the user removes the outer packaging and lights the corner of the starter sheet. The sheet will ignite the charcoal and continue to burn for about 15 minutes, heating the charcoal. No lighter fluid is required. When the coals reach an even and optimal temperature, any food types which are commonly grilled can be placed on the grill top and cooked, including steaks, seafood, chicken, kebabs, vegetables, burgers and sausages.

The charcoal will remain hot enough to continue cooking for up to 1.5 hours after ignition. The remaining charcoal is then extinguished with water, sand, or dirt and the entire grill can be recycled or disposed.

Disposable grills are made from a lightweight aluminium material and use charcoal for the heat source. The grill is self-contained, meaning that all elements needed for cooking the food are included: Foil pan, grill top, stand (optional), charcoal, starter sheet, ignition fluid.

Don't cook with the flames!

Wait until the flames have completely die down and the barbecue coals are white, as in the picture above. This is when the barbecue is at its hottest. Otherwise your food will be burnt, possibly uncooked and will taste of lighter fluid

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