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Abel & Cole, home delivery of organic fruit and vegetable boxes...and much more.

What Abel & Cole do - in pictures

Primarily, Sustainable, organic vegetable boxes delivered on a weekly basis with products supplied by local farmers.

However, they don't only do vegetables, they can also supply meat, fish, baked goods, cheeses, in fact everything for the discerning cook.

As I am sometimes away for short periods, I was initially concerned that I might not be able to skip a delivery on specific week, but it seems you can do that via their website, so bearing that in mind, I placed my order for a weekly small gourmet box. We have since tried a small fruit and medium veg box, which is the one we will stick with for now.

Abel & Cole recipes now on Cookipedia!

The wide range of selections have made for some interesting recipes and have also made up concentrate more on vegetables than we usually do. Abel & Cole have a good selection of recipes on their website and also on the recipes cards that come with every delivery. They have kindly given Cookipedia to reproduce those recipes here so look forward to finding them in our new Abel & Cole veg box recipes section.

Delivery schedule

You can choose from the following delivery schedule for any of the 'boxes' ranges:

  • One delivery only
  • Every week
  • Every other week
  • Every 3 weeks
  • Every 4 weeks
  • Every 8 weeks

They will also text and email you to a few days before the delivery date to give you the opportunity to amend the products that will be delivered or even to cancel the order.

Geographic Location

Abel & Cole Limited
16 Waterside Way
Plough Lane
SW17 0HB


  • 08452 62 62 62
  • 020 8944 3780









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