Buck diamond sharpening station
Oil stone

The best way to sharpen kitchen knives

I have owned numerous varieties of knife sharpeners from electric attachments on can openers, to a butchers steel and I have to say, have been totally disappointed with them all. Until now. Recently I purchased an oilstone, (£3.00 from B&Q). All of my knives are like razors now. Terrifyingly sharp. I use a tiny drop of olive oil on the oil stone, five strokes on each side with the knife blade held at 20° to the stone and that's all that's required. Wonderful!

Even better is my latest addition, a 'Buck diamond sharpening station'. It's about 30 times the price of an oil-stone, and about 20 times better! Google for 'buck diamond sharpening'. You'll find them in hunting/fishing outlets rather than cook-ware stores.

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