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Pork rind (known as crackling the United Kingdom, and pork crackle in Australia) is the skin of a pig. Cooked, this may be either eaten warm with a meal, or served cold as a snack. In both forms, any fat attached to the skin of pig at the time of frying is absorbed in the process.

When used as a snack food, chunks of cured pork skins are deep-fried and puffed into light, irregular curls.

When he was in the White House, U.S. President George H. W. Bush said that pork rinds were his favourite snack.

Pork Crackling is the British name for the salted crunchy pork rind produced when roasting a joint of pork. The heat of the oven causes the fatty pork skin to dry, bubble up and become crunchy. The layer of fat underneath is retained, and can be eaten with the skin or removed. Some supermarkets now sell just the layer of skin and fat (no meat), in a raw form for home grilling or roasting, or cooked and ready to eat from hot food counters.

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This recipe is the best we have for cooking pork belly, resulting in succulent pork and very crunchy crackling: Slow roast herby pork belly

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