Magimix Parmesan and chocolate grater disc

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I recently bough a few replacement cutting / slicing discs for my Magimix 4100 food processor. This disc caught my eye, mainly for grating Parmesan cheese as I'm not a chocolate fan!

At £17.99 + delivery it is very expensive. However, it does a brilliant job and was not one of discs that came with the Magimix 4100 originally. It grates the Parmesan cheese perfectly. If you love your grated Parmesan cheese to have the same shape and texture of the stuff that comes ready grated out of those tins but to actually taste of cheese, not cardboard, then this is for you.

It will grate any hard cheese, chocolate or similar food.

According to BBS, the grating disc is compatible with the following Magimix Food processors:

  • CS 3000
  • CS 4000
  • CS 5000
  • 2100
  • 3100
  • 4100
  • 5100

The disc comes with an adaptor to enable it to fit older models that usually have the 'star-type' fitting.


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