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Grains of Kamut

QK-77 is a type of wheat marketed by Kamut International, USA, and Kamut Enterprises of Europe, under the trademark Kamut. Its official cultivar name is QK-77, and it is a protected variety registered with the Plant Variety Protection Office of the USDA under Plant Variety Protection Certificate 8900108.

Kamut has a large grain similar to that of durum wheat, and requires up to one hour of simmering to soften. It is an ideal ingredient for use with slow cookers. Kamut-based products include Kamut drink, bread, pasta, breakfast cereals, and cracked wheat. They are usually marketed through health-food shops.

There is anecdotal evidence that some people who have wheat allergy, and thus avoid wheat, are able to eat Kamut. However, as a wheat species, it is definitely unsuitable for those with coeliac disease.

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