Jamie Oliver acid etched coarse grater

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Jamie Oliver acid etched coarse grater - Amazon UK

Jamie Oliver acid etched coarse 'microplane' grater

Since the advent of microplane graters I've been waiting for a larger version, clever old Jamie Oliver, this is it. The cutting 'blade' is 15 cm (6") long which is slightly larger than most microplane graters. It has razor sharp blades so is ideal for coarsely grating cheese and vegetables. It looks very well made and has a nice feel with the silicone handle.

The best feature about this grater is that it cuts lots of wide strips but they are extremely thin so if using to grate cheese, it will melt really easily.

Be very careful when handling, especially when cleaning it. I've seen more than one review where the user has cut themselves. It comes with a protective cover.

  • Razor-sharp acid etched stainless steel blade for optimum performance
  • Angled non-slip handle for added stability
  • Includes protective blade cover for safe storage
  • Ideal for grating vegetables and hard cheeses
  • Dishwasher-safe

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