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I am a self proclaimed foodie with a particular talent for working with chocolate so have lots of girl friends! With an undergraduate degree major in history, it is not a surprise that I fell in love not only with Downton Abbey, but the food of this very period in history

My husband, Lord D and I are blessed to be able to spend alot of time together and share the love for Downton. With his own blue blood lineage, he loves the look back in time, thinking of his ancestors, and yearning for the days of decorum.

I learned to cook from my maternal grandmother who was not unlike Mrs. Patmore in stature, education and wit. Strict, demanding, but with a heart of gold. Both had to make do with available foodstuffs out in the country, but were able to pull off some amazing meals.

If you are looking to this blog for inspiration for your next Downton viewing gathering, and don’t find just the right item, think ‘What would Mrs. Patmore serve?”. A simple woman, but with access to local produce and livestock raised on their own property.


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