Cheer Up! Chinese broad bean snacks

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Standard and sardine flavour!

I have to admit that these might not be to everyone's taste, however if you've every tried these oriental snacks, they are very moreish and can also be very hard to obtain for some reason.

On a recent visit to SeeWoo, my local Chinese wholesaler, I noticed these on display at the entrance. I bought a handful of packets, about £1.45 a pack I recall. On getting home and tasting them, they tasted so good that I went straight back the next day and bought 10 packets of each. They are made from deep fried, dehydrated broad beans. Both varieties are highly spiced with lots of chillies in them. The 'sardine' flavoured ones have little dehydrated fish in them too. Sounds rather unpleasant but I promise you, they are delicious. Perfect for the vegetarian pecscatarian!

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