Volailles de la Champagne (Champagne poultry)

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Volailles de la Champagne

IGP Volailles de la Champagne is poultry (chickens, guinea fowl, turkeys, capons and poulardes) with firm flesh and superior organoleptic qualities, slaughtered at an age close to sexual maturity, marketed fresh or frozen, whole (oven-ready or with giblets) or in sections (except festive poultry).

Geographical area

Départements of Marne, Aisne and Ardennes, as well as adjacent districts.

Evidence of origin

All of the links in the network are listed (hatcheries, food producers, breeders, abattoirs). Documentary records are kept for eveiy batch of poultry: declaration by the breeder of birds added to his stock, delivery slips for dayold chicks, declaration of departure for the abattoir and receipts for collection of carcases from the abattoir, declaration of the labels used for the poultry after slaughter and declaration of downgraded poultry. The labels are all numbered. Checks on the consistency of the above information mean that the origin of the product can always be traced.


As per specifications indicated on the label: slow-growing farm-bred stock, reared in the open air or free-range; minimum age for slaughter; fed with a high percentage of cereals; carcasses graded after slaughter.


The link with the geographical origin of the product derives from the following factors:

Historical reputation, linked to the creation and development from 1959 of the company Les Eleveurs de la Champagne and to the development of grain maize cultivation in the region.

Present reputation: The award of the Red Label, the first of which was obtained in 1985, testified to the superior quality of the products. Their reputation is now widespread, as is illustrated by the development of sales and by various reference documents on the marketing of poultry in the region.

Gastronomy IGP Volailles de la Champagne can be conserved for a few days in their original package, stored in the coldest compartment of the refrigerator. The fowl can be cooked in different ways depending on the cut chosen. IGP Volailles de la Champagne are used to prepare a lot of dishes, from the simplest ones to the most elaborated. It can be cooked whole or in slices, stuffed or not, roasted in oven or fried with sesame seeds. It can be seasoned with aromatic herbs or spices, in white sauce with cream, tomato sauce or cooked with aromatic wines from the area, in addition to olive oil or butter, the favoured seasoning of the French gastronomy.

Reference: The European Commission

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