Taste Sensation Philly cheesesteak seasoning

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Ready to rub...

While most people, including myself, would probably baulk at the idea of using powdered spice mixes on really nice cuts of meat, the herbs and spices from Taste Sensation have changed my views on this - substantially. Nick Lumby, proprietor of Taste Sensation has been in this business for twenty years plus and he sources his spices from all over the world. My favourite of al of his mixtures is the Taste Sensation Well Matured Cheddar Cheese Powder which is Danish Cheddar cheese (an Oxymoron?) that is spray dried to remove 95% of the moisture. In other words, proper cheese! I'm guessing that's what is mixed with a blend of the best spices, sourced from all over the world. That's why I'm going to trust this on fine steaks!

This will probably be available from the Taste Sensation website and also from Amazon UK, which distributes his products in the UK.

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