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|title=Taste Sensation Ltd - Spices
|description=Taste Sensation is a subsidiary of Fruishion Ltd a family run business of 20 years
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[[Image:{{PAGENAMEE}}.jpg|thumb|300px|right|'''[https://tastesensationltd.com/ TasteSensationLtd.Com]''']]
Taste Sensation is a subsidiary of the Company known as Fruishion Ltd.  We are a family run business and have been in the trade for over 20 years, initially manufacturing sandwich fillings but now supply Seasonings/ Marinades/Flavourings to an across the board group of  buyers from the individual householder to large trade wholesalers.
At Taste Sensation we are committed to sourcing only the best ingredients, we are dedicated and focused in our approach to business and our aim is to provide a stable, responsive and flexible service whilst constantly developing our product range to suit our customer’s needs.
====What We Provide====
Quality standards and procedures are constantly being reviewed to ensure that they are up to date.
In this way we can satisfy the requirements of Customers, Consumers and relevant national, international and EU legislation on Food Safety, and can demonstrate that all reasonable precautions are taken and due diligence is exercised in the manufacture of Taste Sensation products. Our assurance of food safety for all our products is managed using HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and since August 2015 we are audited yearly by the Salsa Food Standards (Salsa Site Code: 4192), please check us out at [http://www.salsafood.co.uk/ www.salsafood.co.uk].
===[[Taste Sensation recipes|Taste Sensation's recipes on Cookipedia]]===
There is a special category on Cookipedia covering [[Taste Sensation recipes|recipes made using Taste Sensation products]].
====A Colourful and Interesting Range of Products!====
Image:Taste Sensation Powdered Spices and flavourings 1.jpg|from Mustard and Jalapeno Marinade to Red Onion Powder
Image:Taste Sensation Powdered Spices and flavourings 2.jpg|from Jalfrezi Curry Powder to Green and Red Pepper Granules
Image:Taste Sensation Powdered Spices and flavourings 3.jpg|from Dark Pink Himalayan Rock Salt to Jalapeno and Lime Seasoning
Image:Taste Sensation Powdered Spices and flavourings 4.jpg|from Ground Rosemary to Hickory Smoke Powder
Image:Taste Sensation Powdered Spices and flavourings 5.jpg|from Green Jalapeno Powder to Ground Parsley
Image:Taste Sensation Powdered Spices and flavourings 6.jpg|from Diced Dried Apple to Green Jalapeno Granules
Image:Taste Sensation Powdered Spices and flavourings 7.jpg|from Chinese-style Salt and Pepper (coarse) to Cut Rosemary
Image:Taste Sensation Powdered Spices and flavourings 8.jpg|from All-Purpose Seasoning to Chinese Spare Rib Marinade
===Taste Sensation products available from Amazon UK===
A large number of [https://www.amazon.co.uk/Taste-Sensation/b/ref=bl_dp_s_web_4434351031?ie=UTF8&node=4434351031&field-lbr_brands_browse-bin=Taste+Sensation Taste Sensation's products can be bought directly from  Amazon UK] in 250g, 500g, 1kg and 1,8kg vacuum sealed packs.
===Chef's note===
I personally ordered  Taste Sensation Tex Mex Glaze Dry Rub and was immensely impressed with it, especially as my previous favourite blend is no longer available.
I contacted Nick for some samples of his other products, which I am working my way through.  So far, I can thoroughly recommend everything I've tried.
Their spice blends only contain 100% herbs and spices, no cheap fillers like [[sugar]], [[salt]] or [[flour]] and are mainly aimed at people on low salt/sugar and [[:Category:Gluten_free_recipes|gluten free diets]].  Their blends are also suitable for [[:Category:Vegetarian_recipes|vegetarians]] and [[:Category:Vegan_recipes|vegans]].
As well as hundreds of spices and seasoning mixes, they can also supply high-quality cheese powders in quantities that are suitable to the home user, as well as commercial users.  These cheese powders originate from from [https://www.lactosan.com/cheese-powders/lactosan-cheese-powders Lactosan.com] in Denmark and according to Nick Lumby, are the best dried cheese powder manufacturers in the world.
===Geographic Location===
:'''Fruishion Ltd'''
:Costrells, Unit 4, Derritt Lane,
:BH23 8AX
:'''01425 674669'''
:'''[https://tastesensationltd.com/ TasteSensationLtd.Com]'''
===Amazon UK===
: '''[https://www.amazon.co.uk/Taste-Sensation/b/ref=bl_dp_s_web_4434351031?ie=UTF8&node=4434351031&field-lbr_brands_browse-bin=Taste+Sensation Taste Sensation products on Amazon UK]'''
:'''[mailto:sales@tastesensationltd.com sales@tastesensationltd.com]'''
:'''[https://www.facebook.com/TasteSensationUK Facebook.com/TasteSensationUK]'''
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