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Our pork comes from here Our butcher supplies it and they take orders online. Just thinking about people who don't like supermarkets or live a long way away from one. I presume they would come under the ThinkPig ethos, so should they be added as a supplier? --JuliaBalbilla 20:41, 27 December 2010 (GMT)

Apologies, I went to answer this after reading it in the kitchen and couldn't find the post, then forgot all about it :-(

Most definitely. The only problem would be when lots of people start adding their local butchers. We would then need to move local butchers to a sub-category (or there would be too many in the main cat) That problem we will deal with in the future!

(I added my local butcher a while back)

Do it.

--Chef 15:44, 29 December 2010 (GMT)

No probs. Have added Sudeley Hill Farm now and just mentioned in passing that locals can collect directly from them or buy at F. Markets or from one the butchers'. The other butcher gets his from Willersey but I don't know whether they supply online or not. Yes, I think it would get out of hand if everyone started adding their local butcher if they were not also online suppliers. --JuliaBalbilla 17:09, 29 December 2010 (GMT)