Morcilla casera de Extremadura (Home-made morcilla from Extremadura)

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Blimey, that's quite an extreme recipe from a vegetarian! Chef 10:41, 12 January 2009 (UTC)

I told you I used to slaughter chickens with my father. Yes it may seem extreme but someone else provides the blood. So long as the pigs had happy homes, I am OK about it so long as they were killed humanely. I would not eat it myself, and indeed, I would not be able to send to slaughter any animals I owned, because they would be part of the family, like your chick-chicks. However, that is how morcilla is made and one has to accept that.

Mike is ccoking gammon or something tonight - he has strick instructions to wtite down how he makes it. I am making peanut soup from Ecuador which can be superb and hopefully it will be this evening. As usual I have to fiddle woth original recipe - not enough garlic or peanuts.