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Hi, I just want to comment that real mexican food, has nothing to do with tex-mex, which is really from USA. There are some dishes on the mexican food, which should be on the tex-mex section. very nice wiki, congratulations.

Hi Elisabetta

Thanks for your feedback and kind comments.

You are completely correct, of course, and I am to blame. When this wiki first started, there were very few recipe categories and in my eagerness to fill the wiki with more categories I was probably too eager to include a recipe in as many categories as possible - incorrectly, Tex Mex was automatically added to the Mexican category. We are now past the need of filling categories for the sake of it but have never really returned and sorted these errors.

I will make a task to remove the culprits from the Mexican categories and maybe with your assistance, get you to take a look at the results once the clean-up has been completed.

Thanks again for your help.

--Chef 18:05, 7 November 2011 (GMT)

Thanks for taking your time to answer. It was just a comment, because many people confuse it, only people who have been south of the border know the difference. Tex mex is very good, specially the wings and the ribs, but it is something else. I am quite busy at the moment, but I promise I will make some contributions to the mexican food section. thanks, -- C Elisabetta