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Lurch Spirali
Carrot 'spaghetti', cucumber slices and courgette spirals

A spiralizer (also known as a spirali, spiralo or a turning vegetable slicer) is a device which makes fruit and vegetable 'spaghetti', slices and spirals. It is operated by affixing the ingredient between the blade and the support and then by turning the handle. Usually they come with three blades, but sometimes a fourth one is included to make angel hair 'pasta'. The blades are very sharp, so handle them with care.

Almost all vegetables are suitable, except for those which have a consistency which is too soft or loose. Amoung the suitable vegetables are potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, courgettes, onions, celery, horseradish, beetroot, peppers and aubergines. You can also use firm fruit such as apples or pears and even cheese.

Spiralizers are available from Amazon UK and other online stores. The two most popular are made by Lurch and the more expensive Benriner - the former (surprisingly) having better reviews.

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