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  • |title=Bouquet garni for lamb recipe Cooking with herbs |keywords=Bouquet garni for lamb recipe Cooking with herbs from The cook's Wiki
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  • |title=Bouquet garni for mutton Cooking with herbs recipe | 1 sprig of [[lavender]]
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  • |title=Chestnut flour shortbread, British recipe |keywords=Chestnut flour shortbread recipe British recipes from The cook's Wiki
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  • ...fferent tastes for each brand. Trace flavourings may include [[nutmeg]], [[lavender]], and a wide variety of ingredients, but the base flavourings that most pe ...drink recipes are closely-guarded secrets of their manufacturers, with the recipe used by Coca-Cola being perhaps the most famous in this respect.
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  • ...our of the Helmeted Guinea. These include White, Purple, Slate, Chocolate, Lavender, and Coral Blue, Bronze, Pewter, Buff Dundotte, Blonde, and various Pieds. It can be cooked using any recipe that calls for [[chicken]], but is considered to be more flavourful and, be
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  • |description= You'll find our lamb recipe section here You'll find our mutton recipe section here Our slow roast recipes are here If the cost of a whole * You'll find our [[:Category:Lamb recipes|lamb recipe section here]]
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