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  • |title=Homemade granola, a fruit recipe |keywords=Homemade granola recipe Fruit recipes from The cook's Wiki
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  • |title=Dried apple slices, a fruit recipe |keywords=Dried apple slices recipe Fruit recipes from The cook's Wiki
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  • ...radius of the factory at Timoleague. While the other ingredients used ([[cereals]], [[onions]], casings) are of necessity sourced outside the immediate area ...puddings. This practice of pudding making based on the traditional family recipe has been carried on down through the years and the producers now use a mode
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  • ...hem only when I need them. If I need the coconut (flesh) for an important recipe, I open it in the supermarket car-park so I can return it instantly if it h ...e. They can be added directly to [[curries]] and [[stews]] and breakfast [[cereals]]. They can also be rehydrated by immersing in boiling water for a few minu
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