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  • These Bramley [[apple]] pieces may then be immersed in an antioxidant dip, to prevent browning of the [[apples]]’ flesh. The use of [[lemon]] juice, [[citric acid]] or [[ascorbic acid]] as an antioxidant dip is optional and a specific phase of the
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  • .... The balance is [[bread]], rusk and water depending on the manufacturer’s recipe. ...[nutmeg]] and the addition of natural flavourings of dried [[lemon]] as an antioxidant. ‘Newmarket Sausages’ have become inextricably linked to horse racing a
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  • ...tea to be used per amount of water differs from tea to tea, but one basic recipe may be one slightly heaped teaspoon of tea (about 5 ml) for each teacup of ...turn them brown and reduce their potency as antioxidants. To preserve the antioxidant potency, especially for green and white teas brewed at a lower temperature,
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  • be added, depending on the recipe. After mixing, these syrups are suitable for the production of The first step is to select the appropriate recipe. Granulated [[sugar]] with a typical granule size (average
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  • The antioxidant [[ascorbic acid]] (E300) is permitted as an additive. ..., nutrition and domestic economy. The School included the [[bread]] in its recipe
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  • ...uten|gluten intolerance]]. It is the "original" Japanese soy sauce, as its recipe is closest to the soy sauce originally introduced to Japan from China. Tech ...ty of Singapore showed that Chinese dark soy sauce contains 10 times the [[antioxidant]]s of [[red wine]], and can help prevent cardiovascular diseases. Soy sauce
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