Source Food Hall and Cafe

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Source Food Hall & Cafe, Bristol

Source Food Hall and Cafe

Source Food Hall & Cafe is a deli shop, a cafe and a restaurant located alongside St. Nicolas Markets in Bristol.

"We believe that Britain has changed dramatically over the past few years with regards to the way we view food. We no longer put up with the bland and uninteresting but demand more for our money. As the big supermarkets move in to every area of our lives and squeeze out every other retailer from our high streets Source is going to get stronger and build on the public demand for responsible, fair and interesting food. Owner operated and ethically run we offer a viable alternative to supermarket shopping."

They products include: charcuterie, fish, meat, cheese and pastries.

They stock a variety of cheese Britain, France, Spain and Italy. Their range include includes: Montgomery Cheddar straight from the farm gate, Brie de Meaux, top quality Buffalo mozzarella from Italy, Crottin goats cheese and imported, cave aged Pecorino from Tuscany as well as many others.


Source Food Hall & Cafe
1-3 Exchange Avenue
St Nicholas Market

phone: 0117 927 2998
fax: 0117 929 2930


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