Pimentón de Murcia

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Pimentón de Murcia

Pimentón de Murcia is a DOP paprika, resulting from the milling of the Bola variety of red peppers. This variety of pepper was brought over from the Americas, at which time they were elongated and spicy due to environmental conditions in Murcia (subtropical Mediterranean climate with low rainfall, high temperatures and saline soil). However, due to culture techniques, its shape became rounded and its flavour changed from spicy to sweet.

The bright red pepper is plump, tasty and has a strong penetrating aroma. The production area consists of the municipalities of Alhama de Murcia, Beniel, Cartagena, Fortuna, Fuente Alamo, Librilla, Lorca, Molina de Segura, Murcia, Puerto Lumbreras, San Javier, Santomera, Torre Pacheco and Totana. However, the processing and packaging area includes all municipalities in the province of Murcia.

The plants are grown using mineral fertilizers and manure. The fruit, once ripe, are harvested by hand and spread and dried in the sun for several days, or in hot air dryers. The final moisture content of the fruits should be a maximum of 14%. They are then ground packaged and labelled.

Pimentón de Murcia is available in the UK from ThePaellaCompany.co.uk.

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