Pepitas picantes

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A Mexican influenced recipe for pumpkin seeds with chilli and garlic

Pepitas picantes
Servings:Serves 4 as an aperitif
Calories per serving:21
Ready in:20 minutes
Prep. time:5 minutes
Cook time:15 minutes
Recipe author:JuliaBalbilla
First published:17th January 2013

Best recipe review

Never thought of eating pumpkin seeds!


Glad I found this, lots of pumpkins in Norfolk

Paul R Smith


Printable 🖨 shopping 🛒 list & 👩‍🍳 method for this recipe


  1. Dry fry the pumpkin seeds until they are VERY lightly toasted, stirring constantly. Do not allow them to burn.
  2. Lower heat and add the garlic, again, stirring all the time.
  3. When the garlic is golden, stir in the chipotle paste and add the sugar.
  4. Turn off the heat, but leave on the hob, shaking the pan until the seeds are coated with the sugar.

Serving suggestions

Serve with the lime half, the juice of which should be squeezed over the seeds.


Chipotle paste is available from Waitrose, but if you cannot get it, use 2 teaspoons dried chilli flakes and a pinch of salt instead.

Chef's notes

The seeds will stay fairly fresh if you store them in a Lock&Lock box, but do not add the lime until they are served.

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