Pêssego da Cova da Beira (Cova da Beira peach)

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Pêssego da Cova da Beira

IGP Pêssego da Cova da Beira are peaches originating from various varieties of peach-tree traditionally cultivated in the area known as Cova da Beira in Portugal.

Geographical area

All the parishes of Fundão, Covilhã, Manteigas and Belmonte.


Grown in the region, it is recognised nationally and internationally as a peach with particular characteristics provided by the edaphological-climatic conditions of Cova da Beira.

Method of production

From the peach-trees of the regional varieties Dixired, Red Top, J.H. Hale, Merril Franciscan Black, Rubidoux, Carnival and Halloween in semi-sloping soils of granite origin which are deep and well drained.


The organoleptic characteristics of the peach reflect the climatic conditions in the valley and semi-sloping areas, in particular of the river Zêzere.


IGP Pêssego da Cova da Beira peaches are perishable and must be stored at a temperature of 2°C to 4°C. They are normally eaten fresh but are also an excellent ingredient in delicious desserts, fruit juices, jams, liqueurs and yoghurts.

Reference: The European Commission