Olive oil spread

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Olive oil spread
Olive oil spread
Servings:Servings: 15 - Makes about 200g
Calories per serving:0
Ready in:10 minutes (plus 12 hours chilling time)
Prep. time:5 minutes (plus 12 hours chilling time)
Cook time:5 minutes
Recipe author:JuliaBalbilla
First published:1st March 2016
After 12 hours in the fridge
Ready for the fridge
Dissolving the Glice
The ingredients

I am not a lover of margarine or spreads, and always insist on butter on my bread unless I want to dunk it in olive oil. Many years ago, I did try a brand of so-called olive oil spread simply because I like olive oil, but it was just so lacking in flavour that the rest of tub was binned. This lack can probably be explained quite simply by the small quantity of olive oil used in these spreads - typically 21-22%. The largest proportion of oil (34-38%) however, is actually a combination of other oils such as rapeseed (canola), flax, sunflower or palm. Olive oil spread indeed!

The following is an easy recipe to make your own olive oil 'spread'. It is not a spread as such because it contains more than 80% fat, but can be used as such and does deserve to have 'olive oil' in the title far more so than its processed namesake.


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  1. Put the oil and Glice into a saucepan over a low heat
  2. Once the Glice flakes have dissolved, pour into a container (a small Lock & Lock box is fine)
  3. Leave to cool, then refrigerate for 12 hours
  4. It is now ready for use

Serving suggestions

Use as you would any normal spread, but do not expect it to have the same appearance when melted on toast etc. This is because the commercial stuff contains an element (or two) of dairy products


You can experiment with different oils or combinations thereof. If you find the taste of EVOO too strong, you can mix with a neutral tasting oil, perhaps a nice cold-pressed rapeseed oil.

Chef's notes

If you want the 'spread' to have a similar colour to butter or spread, choose a yellow tinted oil, rather than a green one Sprinkle salt to taste as you use it, rather than add it to the spread directly It spreads straight from the fridge very easily. It is be a good substitute for butter / spread for melting over potatoes and vegetables or having on savoury toast or in savoury sandwiches. However you wouldn't really want it with bread and jam for example, purely because of the olive oil flavour. It is not suitable for baking of course and neither as I understand it, for frying.

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