Nicer dicer

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The Nicer Dicer is a device for make diced and julienned fruit and vegetables. It comes with two sets of blades (thick and fine) which cut the ingredients by means of a lever action. Also included are two plastic containers, with lids, into which the ingredients are chopped.

Nicer dicer
Diced onions and garlic using the Nicer dicer


  • Do not buy cheap imitations - you need to buy the genuine Genius Nicer Dicer so make sure you get it from JML or Argos. Cheaper versions are useless as you may discover from reviews on Amazon.
  • When using, you need to wet the blades first and in the case of firm vegetables or those with tough skins, wet them as well.
  • Place the vegetables with the skin or outer side on the base of the Nicer Dicer before cutting.

It takes a little practice but do stick with it and you will find it invaluable. Mine gets used all the time, especially as it is easy to wash.

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