Maçã da Beira Alta (Beira Alta apple)

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Maçã da Beira Alta

IGP Maçã da Beira Alta is a fruit originating from various varieties of apple tree (Malus domestica Borkh).

Geographical area: Restricted to the districts of Viseu and Guarda and to the subdistricts of Oliveira do Hospital, Tábua and Arganil in the district of Coimbra.

Evidence: Established through use, particularly due to the fame and reputation which it enjoys on the national market.

Method of production: The Beira Alta apples are produced from varieties of the groups Golden, Gala, Red Decious [sic], Starking, Jonagold, Granny Smith, Jonared and Reinetas.

Link: In this region the soils possess specific characteristics with special conditions of altitude, sun exposure and climate.

Gastronomy: IGP Maçã da Beira Alta apples must be kept in the fridge at between approximately 2°C -4°C. They are normally eaten at the end of a meal or as a dessert, baked in the oven with sugar and port wine. These apples are also used for puddings and cake making.

Reference: The European Commission

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