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Repairing a leaking Nescafé [Krups] Dolce Gusto coffee machine

My Krups coffee maker developed a fault yesterday and started to leak, almost emptying the reservoir all over the worktop. Being mechanically-minded, I had it stripped down in a jiffy, despite the presence of anti-tamper torx screws. However, for anyone with a similar problem, this can be quickly repaired without undoing a single screw (I discovered once it was a heap of parts!).

We have hard water here and limescale (calcium carbonate) builds up quickly, even from cold water. A layer of limescale had built up around the rubber seal on the coffee maker (arrowed in picture), and also around the tube/stem of the reservoir that mates with it. A quick wipe around with a cloth has cured the problem and could have been done without disassembling anything!

Prevention is better than cure

Use only filtered water or bottled water and this problem will never happen. I guarantee that you will also be amazed at the quality of the coffee when using soft water. Try a taste test if you're sceptical. You'll also notice froth where before there was none.

Replacement seal

Seven months later the seal failed completely. If removed and inspected it is now permanently misshapen.

I managed to find a replacement seal from Belstar Electrics - (less than £5.00 incl vat and Post and packaging - UK Oct 2011)

  • MS-0907124 - Krups Seal

Reservoir seal mechanism

Images of the reservoir seal mechanism.

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