Fresh pineapple makes red wine taste fizzy!

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Red wine plus fresh pineapple spoils the taste!

A few days ago we have a salad with chunks of pineapple, freshly cut from a whole pineapple. About an hour after we had eaten, we opened a bottle of red wine. We both thought it tested very strange, very acidic and extremely fizzy. Luckily we had a few spare bottles so we corked the wine so we could return it and opened another bottle of wine, totally different from the odd tasting one. It tasted exactly the same. Tart and fizzy, bubbly, almost like sparkling wine. We corked that and opened one more. You've guessed it. A different bottle again and still tasted fizzy. At this point we gave up on the wine!

A day later, the same wine that tasted odd was perfectly fine and we realised that something we ate that was affecting the taste of the wine. It was the pineapple. I searched the web and couldn't find any other articles mentioning this affect but thought it worth penning this, just in case someone else has a similar experience. You are not alone!

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