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Food in England - Dorothy Hartley

Food in England - Dorothy Hartley

A marvellous cookery book containing historic recipes written by Dorothy Hartley, a cook and a published historian too. The book, first published in 1954 by MacDonald - 641.300942 HAR has been reissued by Little, Brown 1999 and reprinted in 2003 - 1 85605 497 7, now available from Amazon.

On beef, from the book...

"Beef is good meate for an Englyssheman so be the beest be yonge... Olde beef and cowe flesshe doth ingender melanclye humoures. (yet)--if it be moderately powdeyd and the grose blode by salte be exhawtyd it dothmake and Engylssheman stronge.

Martylmas beef, which is called hanged beef, in therofe of the smoky howse is not laudable...if a man have a peace hangynge by his side and another in his bely tha which doth hange by his syde shall do hym more good!"

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