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Villandry, France; The most exquisite vegetable garden on earth!

Our vegetable recipes are here In this category we cover vegetables that are commonly used as ingredients in recipes. Gardening tips as well as information relating to cookery.

Buying vegetables:

All vegetables should be firm to the touch, not limp. When you can try to buy vegetables with the stem or green part attached.


Try to buy organic bell peppers, celery, spinach, lettuce and potatoes as when non-organically grown these have the highest percentage of pesticide residues.


If you are on a budget, buy non-organic onions, sweet corn, asparagus, peas, cabbage and broccoli as these are low in pesticides, even when grown conventionally.


Most vegetables store well in a refrigerator. Some vegetables such as broccoli, root vegetables such as carrots and parsnips benefit from storing by standing in water as this seems to prevent them from going limp.

Grow your own:

If you have the opportunity then grow your own vegetables. Choose varieties that are hard to obtain from conventional stores such as exotic squashes or the wonderful sungold tomato.

How much does one cup of frozen vegetables weigh?

Estimated US cup to weight equivalents:

Ingredient US Cups Grams Ounces
Frozen Vegetables diced
150 grams > 5 ounces

Conversion notes:
Every ingredient has a cups to ounces or grams conversion table. Search for the ingredient, cup to weight conversions are at the end of each ingredient page.

We also have a generic conversion table and a portions per person lookup.

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