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Versailles Restaurant: The Gathering Place by Tony Mendoza

In this category you will find recipes that have their roots in the Cuba.

Where to buy Cuban ingredients?

The first place to look for Cuban ingredients is Cuban Cuisine UK, who as well as being Worldwide suppliers of all specialist Cuban cooking ingredients, they can also provide Cuban party supplies, memorabilia, clothing, art and music.

Other suppliers to try would be Mexican / Tex Mex suppliers, Indian suppliers or spice suppliers.

About Cuban cuisine

Cuban Cuisine is based on a fusion of Spanish and Caribbean flavours. Not as spicy as Mexican food, Cuban food is quite special in its combination of sweet and savoury, not unlike Indian food.

Cuban Cuisine features tropical ingredients used in traditional Spanish cooking techniques. Tropical fruits like guava, sugar cane, coconut, papaya, guanabana, mamey, mango and pineapple feature in empanadas, bunuelos, tortillas, and pastelitos. Also, Fish and Pork cooked outdoors (on the beach) is very traditional, so the Cubans love their marinades and pride themselves on barbecue Pork and fish. Yuca, boniato and malanga are root vegetables loved by Cubans, usually served marinated or mashed as a side dish to meat dishes.

The other traditional Cuban side dish is black beans and rice, an extremely nutritious and delicious Cuban specialty. Cuban desserts are sweet and a Cuban bakery is similar to a French patisserie due to its complex collection of Cuban specialties like Tres Leches, Pudin Diplomático and Alfajores (borrowed from Argentinian culture).

Cuban Cuisine has been influenced by many cultures, including, Chinese, African and the French. Most recently American culture has created its own take on Cuban food. In Miami, Cuban food has experienced a renaissance of appreciation and inspiration, resulting in many Cuban inspired restaurants and cafes. From Nouvelle Cuban Cuisine restaurants like Yuca in Coral Gables to traditional cafes like Puerto Sagua Café on Miami Beach, Miami offers many variations on Cuban Cuisine.

In Miami, Colombian, Brazilian, Southern, Argentinean, Honduran and Guatemalan subcultures contribute to the vibrant food scene, and have ultimately influenced Cuban Cuisine....So the Cubans have adopted the hearts of palm for their salads from Coast Rica, Ceviche from Peru, Chimichurri sauce from Argentina, and Callaloo from Jamaica, for examples, to create a vibrant and growing Cuban food culture.

The wonderful thing about Cuban food is that whereas in Miami there is an evolving and ever changing Cuban food scene; in Havana, by contrast, the emphasis is on the authentic. Havana boasts a delicious traditional food culture featuring authentic Cuban recipes that have not been altered greatly by other cultures. Rarely do World cuisines evolve as distinctly as Miami and Havana's Cuban food scene. Each culture loves Cuban Cuisine in it own way. It is probably one of the things that Cubans can all agree upon and the more things we can agree upon, the better.

Thank you Cuban Cuisine UK

A big thank you to Carla Cancio-Bello, J.D. from Cuban Cuisine UK who has kindly given her permission for Cookipedia to use the recipes from her blog:

Many of Carla's recipes are very authentic. During the 1930's and 1940's her grandmother, Margarita Saavedra Ajamil, ran a party planning and catering business in bustling Central Havana. Many of the recipes from this section originate from her.

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