Canon EOS Utility will not pair with computer

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These are the folders within Canon_INC that I removed to solve this issue

On a Windows PC [Windows 8; Windows 10;Windows 11, Vista], the Canon EOS Utility 2.0 or Canon EOS Utility 3.0 refuses to pair with host computer's WIFI to download images. It used to work but now just sits waiting, and waiting...

If this sounds familiar then the solution is extremely simple.

I'm not certain why this occurs but it's happened to my system many, many times and this always fixes the problem.

Problem possibly caused by router / network change

After suffering this problem yet again, it may be caused by a network change meaning the camera can no longer access the network that the EOS utility used to pair the devices. EOS Utility is not smart enough to recognise the change so never sees the camera and unless you delete the configuration you cannot reconfigure the system. DUMB!

Delete the folders and files within the Canon_INC directory

You should not lose any work and won't have to re-install the program. If you are paranoid you can always back copy the folders to a safe place first.

Assuming your PC is called PCNAME, delete the entire contents of Canon_INC eg: C:\Users\PCNAME\AppData\Local\Canon_INC

My PC is named FiercePC, so:

I deleted all the folders within C:\Users\FiercePC\AppData\Local\Canon_INC

Restarted the PC and ran EOS Utility program to pair the devices as normal.

Solved and works every time.

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