Archanes Herakliou Kritis Αρχάνες Ηρακλείου Κρήτης (Archanes Heraklion olive oil)

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Archanes Herakliou Kritis Αρχάνες Ηρακλείου Κρήτης

POP/ΠΟΠ Archanes Herakliou Kritis Αρχάνες Ηρακλείου Κρήτης is a Greek extra virgin olive oil produced from the Koroneiki variety of olive, in which the dacus' oleae is treated by bait-spraying from the ground, using biological methods, or is not treated at all.

Geographical area: the administrative boundaries of the municipality of Archanes, the community of Kato Archanes and the residential area of Patsida in the Prefecture of Heraklion.

Background: The product is produced exclusively from olives in the designated geographical area, in which the olives are also processed.

Production method: The clean olives are pressed and processed in traditional or centrifugal olive mills which provide excellent processing conditions.

Link: Produced from a traditionally cultivated variety in the area, using traditional processing methods within the boundaries of the geographical area.

Gastronomy: Extra virgin olive oil is an easily perishable food that needs correct preservation in order to maintain its organoleptic characteristics intact. It is thus advisable to keep it in a cool place and away from light. It is an essential ingredient in the Mediterranean diet.

Reference: The European Commission