VonShef Stainless Steel 8 in 1 Multi Slow Cooker (5.5L)

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Temperature regulated multi slow cooker

I am massively impressed with this Slow cooker. I needed to replace my 5 litre [cracked] ceramic pot slow cooker, but I needed one with accurate temperature regulation - something that is very hard to find.

It can be used as a conventional Slow Cooker with 3 heat settings; Warm, Low & High. In Stove Top mode it will saute, fry or deep fry. It has a Steamer mode and if you fit the rack inside the non-stick 'pot' you can use it as a temperature controlled oven.

At less than £40 it is a no-brainer. The quality is fantastic and it looks really nice. Being stainless steel it is easy to clean too.

The pot is non-stick coated aluminum so can regulate temperatures quickly and can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher.

I have had this for a month now and it's been used regularly without any problems.

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