Tomme des Pyrénées cheese

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Tomme des Pyrénées cheese

Tomme des Pyrénées is a pressed IGP cheese produced equally from unpasteurised or pasteurised cows’, goats' or ewes' milk, the Pyrénées-Atlantiques départment of Aquitaine and the Ariège and Hautes-Pyrénées departments of the Midi-Pyrénées region.

The curdled milk is tossed, cut and put into large moulds. It is drained for 24 hours, then salted and matured in cool, humid cellars, where it is turned by hand every day. The black-rinded cheese is matured for 21 days and 45 days minimum for the gold-covered version. The covering is a seal of paraffin wax.

The cheese is sold in various sizes of cylindrical shapes with rounded edges. The small tomme weighs between 450 g and 1.5 kg and the large ones up to 5.5 kg. The texture is supple and the taste is creamy and only slightly salty. The colour is normally ivory white, varying to pale yellow.

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