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Below are a few links to Google book searches that may be able to locate the publication by ISBN:

Please note:

ISBNs only identify a particular edition of a book, and a reader with only an ISBN will not see the full range of versions of the book.

Note that books before about 1970 usually do not have an ISBN (although if published in the UK or maybe the U.S. they may have an SBN).

Also, note that a registered ISBN, even one which appears with a corresponding book page on a major book distributor database such as, is not definite proof that such a book exists. The ISBN is assigned before the book is actually produced, so the publisher can advertise it — but not all such plans come to fruition, any more than in other enterprises.

Books are, of course, an excellent source of their own ISBNs; however, a tiny proportion are printed wrongly.

ISBNs now come in two styles, containing 10 digits (1070 - 2007) or 13 digits (post 2007), respectively (corresponding to the above "ISBN-10:" and "ISBN-13:" numbers).

You can convert any ISBN-10 to ISBN-13 automatically with either of the following tools: