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Use these icons to access social media

Send to a friend, and more

I was reminded recently that we used to have a specific link on most pages so you could send that page to a friend. We have moved from this on and now use AddThis for this service.

As well as being able to forward pages by email, AddThis provides numerous methods to pass messages via 100 of Social Media platforms.

The AddThis buttons are pictured in the image at the top of this page. On a desktop platform, the buttons slide in from the left and on all platforms they appear at the very bottom of the page.

How to use

Return to the page that you wish to email to to someone or post to Social Media such as Facebook. Click the icon for the platform you wish to post to, the procedure is fairly intuitive and self explanatory.

The icons will be arranged in the manner AddThis deems best for you. Just click the icon for the Social Media platform you wish to use. It's that simple. If none of the icons are the ones you wish to use, click the white cross on the red background. That will enable you to choose from a hundred or more Social Media variants.