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Recipes wanted!

Can you help by adding any of the following recipes

We could really do to have the following recipes added to Cookipedia.

Do you have a recipe request?

Register, log-in and add your recipe request to this page or talk to me.


We rather frown on copying recipes from cookbooks or other sources, but if you can add you favourite tested recipe, in your own words, that would be fabulous.

If you can add a picture as well as the recipe then that would be even better.

Use the recipe builder program as it creates all of the extra tags that are needed to ensure correct Coookipedia categorisation and search engine positioning.

Help on adding a recipe or article can be found here and more general help here.

If you are really stuck then talk to me, I will normally get back to you the same day (time-zones permitting). --Jerry, aka Chef 15:53, 7 January 2013 (UTC)

Other tasks

If you are looking to get involved there is a huge list of outstanding tasks here!