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We are the premier online cookery store for kids cooking, home baking and children's cooking equipment.

We supply home cooks, schools and nurseries with a wide range of textiles, kitchen tools and bakeware.

Quality kids cooking sets, childrens baking sets, children's chef uniforms, aprons and kids cooking utensils.

We cater for kids cooking parties and school cookery clubs with bespoke aprons and tailored cooking sets. 30 day invoice for schools.

What are Us?

My name is Sally Berrie. I just wanted to write a few words about how Littlechef-bigchef came about. We first went on line in 2008 with the intention of supplying quality cooking gifts for adults and children. We focused mainly on textiles - aprons and chef uniforms and kitchen utensils. As time has progressed i have increased both of these ranges. Our customer feedback has given us a real insight into what is popular and what cookery equipment the modern day cook needs in their kitchen!

Home baking has undergone a huge resurgence in recent years. Home made cupcakes, pies and flans have never been more popular. Top celebrity and TV chefs such as Nigella, Mary Berry and even Jamie Oliver have brought home baking to British kitchens and have inspired a new generation of home cooks. It was a natural progression to expand our products in the home baking range and also to explore other traditional skills such as jam-making kits.

Children'€™s cooking is another growth area. It has become a very popular activity at home, as parents and carers cook with their kids. Many cookery clubs have been founded in schools and local communities, cooking parties are growing in popularity and food and nutrition has become a key element of the curriculum taught in schools. We hope to cater for all budding little chefs with our extensive range of kids aprons, chef uniforms and hats. Some of the ‘kids cooking sets; on the market are really just toys. We have road tested our children’s utensils range - selecting only the top quality products which are essentially adult cooking tools specially adapted and scaled down for smaller hands.

So why cook with kids?

As a mother of two I believe passionately that this is a life skill that they need to learn - the earlier the better. I don't want my son or daughter leaving home and existing on ready meals. But it’s much more than just learning how to feed yourself and your family. I believe kids need to connect with food. Not just buying stuff in packets from supermarket shelves. Through cooking“, weighing, sifting, mixing, cutting and baking, kids can witness the magic of turning raw ingredients into dinner, lunch, pic-nics and cakes.This hands-on experience nurtures a curiosity about how food grows and where it comes from. Eating seasonally with the freshest ingredients with the least food miles. Picky eaters are far more likely to sample a new taste or dish if they have created it themselves. Taking the time to involve the kids in the preparation of the family meal combines providing entertainment with nourishment.

At littlechef-bigchef we believe cooking and eating should be fun. Getting kids cooking is not just about promoting healthy eating, but nurturing a healthy attitude towards food. Hopefully it’s all here for you, but if you have any special requests or suggestions I am always happy to get customer feedback so please feel free to email me:

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