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Note: As a spam prevention measure, only TrustedUsers are allowed to add external urls to Cookipedia's pages. Please contact me directly or email me giving the reason you wish to add an external url and I will gladly add you to the trusted user list.

There are two sorts of links in Cookipedia:

  1. internal links to other pages in the wiki
  2. external links to websites

To add an internal link, enclose the name of the page you want to link to in double square brackets. When you save the page, you'll see the new link pointing to your page. If the page exists already, it is displayed in blue, empty pages are displayed in red. Selflinks to the current page are not transformed in URLs but displayed in bold.

The first letter of the target page is automatically capitalized and spaces are represented as underscores (typing an underscore in the link will have a similar effect as typing a space, but is not recommended, since the underscore will also be shown in the text).

How to link

Description You type You get
Internal link [[Main Page]] Main Page
Piped link [[Main Page|different text]] different text
External link
External link,

different title

[ MediaWiki] MediaWiki
External link,


[] [1]
Anchor link [[#More advanced]]

(Will link to the heading More advanced)

#More advanced
Anchor link at another page [[What is an article#How do I access these templates?]]

(Will link to the heading How do I access these templates?)

What is an article#How do I access these templates?
Category link [[:Category:Help]] Category:Help
Internal link to image file [[media:example.jpg]] media:example.jpg
Internal link to pdf file [[media:example.pdf]] media:example.pdf
Interwiki link [[Wikipedia:MediaWiki]] Wikipedia:MediaWiki
mailto link [ email me] email me
redirect #REDIRECT [[Main Page]] Main Page
External link to video file (.avi, .mpg) [ .avi] .avi
External link to sound file (.mp3, .ogg, .wav) [ .wav] .wav
External link to a document (.doc, .pdf) [ .doc] .doc

More advanced

Description You type You get
mailto named with subject line and body [ info] info

How to avoid auto-links

By default, when you write a URL as is, it will be transformed to an external link.

To avoid that effect, put the URL between <nowiki> start & end tags as in: