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Look out for the Eight Oaks sign
Our new chicks, already settled in!


Welcome to the Hen House Poultry experience. We are very willing to impart the chicken keeping knowledge that we have to help you have a fantastic chicken keeping experience. Serving Kent and the surrounding counties with quality Chickens.

Chickens in Kent - Hens for Sale - Chicken Houses

Here at 'Hen House Poultry' we are passionate about chickens. We keep and breed several types of chicken which are bred for vigour, hardiness and interesting colours. Bantams which are available in season: Anconas and Pekins.


Hybrid Layers are available all year round - These are sold at point of lay and are bred for excellent egg production and friendliness too. They come fully vaccinated and in several different types. Egg colours include, Brown, White, Cream, Dark Brown and Blue/Green. Please see the 'Chickens for Sale page' for further details.

Suppliers of

  • Live Hatching Eggs
  • Day Old Chicks
  • Point of Lay Pullets
  • Chickens
  • Quail
  • Bantams

Usefully, their chickens for sale page seems to be up to date showing currently available stock.

Geographic Location

Ben Tompsett, Hen House Poultry
'Eight Oaks'
Headcorn Road
Sutton Valence
ME17 3EL

How to find HenHousePoultry

Coming from London, if you get to the Weald of Kent Golf Course, you've gone too far! Lookout for the 'Eight Oaks' sign.


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Highly recommended

We've just bought 6 point of lay hens [£15 each - November 2016]. They were in lovely condition and were kept in a nice clean pen with rather posh wood chips instead of the mud they'll have to put up with at home! [pictured]

Ben was very helpful with lots of advice for beginners. Ben responded promptly to out telephone call and our email. There are no published opening hours so you'll need to contact him before you pop down. Don't forget to bring some boxes with you to collect your hens in.

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