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Chef , aka Jerry Pank

Who is Chef

I am Jerry Pank, aka Chef, the founder, funder, editor and creator of Cookipedia. I am an extremely enthusiastic cook, however I am a computer programmer, not a Chef! I chose the pseudonym because it seemed like a good idea at the time. It feels a bit pretentious now but it's too late to change, so my apologies to real chefs.

Favourite chefs

  • Jamie Oliver - I love his style of cooking, enthusiasm and method of presentation. He may be a mockney, so what!
  • Rick Stein - When he's cooking in some town square on a Gaz stove, loaded with wine!
  • Antonio Carluccio - I love his rustic style of cooking and passion for local ingredients.
Artwork by Rachel Pank
Tom and Jerry,sadly, no longer with us.

Favourite musicians

Music is my life blood. Period.

Artwork by Rachel Pank

All-time favourite: Pat Metheny

Where I work

I am retired now, living in rural Norfolk. I still dabble with The Internets and I am a Volunteer at Cats Protection, Downham Market.

Contacting me

The easiest way to contact me is to use the Contact the Editor page. I will try to get back to you as soon as I am able.