Aldi & Lidl; why are they so popular?

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Very similar items from different stores and product ranges

We have been shopping at the big discount stores, Aldi and Lidl more and more over the past year. Initially because we had more time on our hands, now because of the money we realised we could save. Now we live in the country we buy almost all of our meat and vegetables from local markets and local farms. Our 'weekly' shop has moved to fortnightly and most of it is now bottles and cans, not fresh food.

On our last shopping trip to Aldi, once again the bill came to only around thirty quid, usually at Morrisons it's always around fifty pounds. This price difference could not be explained away by coincidence; time for some science!

Most of the items from this Aldi shopping trip were from their 'discount' range of products, so using the receipt and a spreadsheet I made a price comparison from Morrisons similar 'discount' range of products and also the same items from Morrisons 'premium' range, named brands etc. The totals from forty items was staggering:

Price comparison for similar items
39 of items from Aldi's 'discount' range: £32.93
39 similar items from Morrison's discount range: £51.03
39 similar items from Morrisons 'premium' range of products: £69.02

If you want more details of this comparison, a spreadsheet containing all the items can be found here.

That explained why the Morrisons fifty quid shop only cost thirty pounds in Aldi. if you want to buy the same range as premium products, expect to pay double the price if you buy them from Morrisons.

That's why the discounters are so popular!

  • Sample taken: March 2019

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