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List of ingredients for Chicken and sausage pate recipe

* 1 Baguette
* 1 boneless Chicken breast
* 110g [4 oz] of Cream cheese
* 75g [3 oz] of Riesling Wine
''' garnish'''

* 10 Green olives
* Salt
* Tabasco

* Slice the Baguette on the bias, (at an angle) about ¼ inch slices.
* The slices can be Toasted on a Baking sheet, or Grilled just enough to lightly toast the pieces.
* Pan Fry the boneless Chicken breast in Olive oil with just a little Salt and Pepper.
* Allow the cooked Chicken to cool.
* Dice the Chicken into large pieces and place into a Food processor.
* Add all of the ingredients and Blend until smooth; it should take about one minute.
* Refrigerate for an hour before serving.


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