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List of ingredients for Salad dressing oil to vinegar ratio

* 70ml olive oil
* 30 ml lemon juice
* Pinch of Salt

* Add the oil and lemon juice together
* Stir (or shake) well until combined.
'''How much oil and vinegar for a salad dressing?''' A simple rule for making a basic salad dressing:
'''3 parts oil to 1 part of vinegar / acidic juice''' - (''lemon juice etc.'')
Use that as your starting point and be adventurous.
===Useful tip: Preparing ahead===
A very useful tip by Ina garten; ([ Barefoot Contessa] is to mix the salad dressing up in a large bowl and just sit the salad leaves on top, without mixed them. Chill until required. When you are ready to serve, just toss the salad leaves in the dressing. This allows you to make the salad well ahead of time and not have a soggy salad.
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