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List of ingredients for Caramelised sesame ice-cream

* '''For the caramelised Sesame'''
* 70 g Sesame seeds
* 130 grams of raw Sugar
* '''For the Ice cream'''
* 300 g Milk
* 3 Egg yolks
* 50 g invert Sugar, such as liquid Glucose
* A few drops of vanilla essence (optional)

* '''To make the caramelised Sesame'''
* Toast Sesame seeds over low heat in a non-stick pan, moving them often so that they are evenly Toasted. They will jump like Popcorn, give off a good aroma and become tan coloured.
* Add the Glucose and allow it to make a Caramel over low heat, using a silicone spatula to move it around. If you use a wooden spoon it will stick like Toffee.
* Once the Caramel begins to turn golden, pour it onto a sheet of Bake-o-glide.
* Smooth the Caramel thinly across the sheet and allow to cool.
* When the caramelised Sesame is crispy crush it into smallish pieces.
* '''To make the Ice cream'''
* Place all ingredients in a Bain-marie over a low heat and stir with chopsticks until the mixture thickens.
* Allow to cool, mix with 100 g of the Sesame Caramel, and if making by in an Ice-cream machines, follow your manufacturer’s instructions.
* If making manually, place the mixture in a metal container with a tight lid and put it in the Freezer.
* Take the Ice cream out every hour and beat to reduce the crystals.
* When it is creamy, it will be ready, but remove from the Freezer about 5-10 minutes before serving.


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