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List of ingredients for Spätzle und Schinken mit Käse überbacken

* 500g packet of Spätzle
* About 50g of grated or sliced cheese - any variety
* A few slices of ham (any variety) cut into cubes or squares
* Salt & pepper
* A handful of fresh/tinned/frozen vegetables of your choice
* 1 onion, chopped finely or coarsely

* Cook the Spätzle in lightly-salted already boiling water (1 minute for fresh, 8 mins for dried usually)
* When cooked, drain well in a sieve
* Season with salt & pepper
* Add the ham (if using), onion and the vegetables
* Mix well
* Put into an ovenproof dish
* Cover with grated cheese or slices
* Bake in a hot oven or under a preheated grill until cheese is golden and bubbling
* Serve piping hot


Recipe from:ätzle_und_Schinken_mit_Käse_überbacken

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