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List of ingredients for Sopa de ajo prisionera ('Imprisoned' garlic soup)

* 3 tablespoons Oil
* 4 Cloves Garlic, peeled and sliced
* 7 slices of stale Bread, although fresh can be used
* 1 level tablespoon Paprika
* 1 litre Chicken stock (made from an Onion, a Carrot, and a Chicken carcass)
* 100 g small cubes of Ham (shoulder of Iberian ham, preferably)
* Salt to taste
* 2 free range eggs
* A little beaten Egg
* 500g Puff pastry

* Heat the Oil in a pan, add the Garlic and allow it to turn golden.
* Add the Ham cubes and sauté them with the Garlic.
* Add the slices of Bread to allow them to colour a little.
* Add the Paprika, and immediately afterwards the Chicken stock, so that the paprika does not become bitter.
* Allow the Soup to Simmer over a gentle heat for half-an-hour.
* Check for seasoning and add Salt if necessary.
* Take some heat-resistant earthenware Soup bowls and pour the soup into them.
* Break an Egg into each bowl.
* Brush the rims and the outside tops of the bowls with a little beaten Egg.
* Cut circles of Puff pastry, about a centimetre or so larger than the top of the bowls, seal around the rim and Brush with beaten Egg.
* You can decorate the pastry if you wish.
* Put the bowls into the oven for 10-15 minutes until the pastry is golden and has formed a dome over the Soup.
* By this time, the Eggs should be firm, but with a runny yolk.


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