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List of ingredients for Ocopa arequipeño (Ocopa from Arequipa)

* 6 mirasol Chillies or any other smallish hot Red chillies, rehydrated if Dried
* 140 ml Peanut oil
* 1 medium Onion, thickly sliced
* Garlic to taste, finely chopped
* 115 g shelled Walnuts, Ground
* 140 g Queso blanco, Caerphilly or Cheshire cheese, crumbled
* 280 ml Milk
* Salt, to taste
* 6 Lettuce leaves
* 6 medium, warm, cooked Potatoes, cut into halves, lengthwise
* 6 Hard-boiled eggs, cut into halves, lengthwise
* 12 Black olives
* 1 Sweet red pepper cut into strips to garnish

* Heat the Oil in a small Frying pan and sauté the Onion and Garlic over a very low heat until the onion is golden.
* Pour the mixture into a Blender with the Chillies, Walnuts, Cheese, Milk and Salt and process until smooth - if the Sauce is too thick add milk and Oil in equal quantities to thin it down.
* Arrange a bed of Lettuce leaves on a large, warmed platter and place the Potatoes, cut side down, on the lettuce.
* Cover the Potatoes with the Sauce and garnish with the Eggs, cut side up, the oilves and the Peppers strips.


Recipe from:ño_(Ocopa_from_Arequipa)

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