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List of ingredients for Flæskeæggekage (Bacon omelette)

* 225g rashers of back Bacon, rind removed
* 1 tablespoon Plain flour
* 90ml Milk
* 4 Eggs, beaten
* Seasoning
* 15g Butter
* Parsley or Chives

* Put the Bacon under a medium Grill and cook until golden Brown and crisp.
* Blend the Flour and Milk until smooth.
* Mix in the Eggs and season.
* Put the Butter into a Frying pan and heat until just beginning to Brown.
* Pour in the Egg mixture, and cook over a fairly high heat until just set, lifting the edges from time to time (about 5-6 minutes).
* Place the cooked Bacon on the top and garnish with the Parsley or Chives.
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Recipe from:æskeæggekage_(Bacon_omelette)

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